I think that you, dear readers, really tired yourselves out over Kinja. You outdid yourselves last week with hate mail. You were loveably confused about whether we were a super hip speakeasy and you penned a letter regarding Ryan Lochte's hilarity. I adored it. This week, you didn't send us much. You had to resort to nit-picking about spelling and complaining about naps. So I'm not promising anything rousing, but here's our hate mail this week, starting with an...




"chimical" is actually "chemical".

Thanks for proofreading.

If you want to join, you go right ahead.

SUBJECT: so is this accurate?

BODY: I want to join site, where i will make $7.50+/- per day. With 1000 pageviews.

Thank you for alerting us to Michelle Shocked's shout-out. Haaaay.

SUBJECT:Michelle Shocked references gawker in tweet

BODY: twitter.com/MShocked

About 45 minutes ago she tweeted this

@Becky_Garrison @BelieveOutLoud

Hey ProHomo

And WellsFargo

You Know I Know

You Have No Pride



in response to my tweet

Over at @BelieveOutLoud I reflect how RI marriage equality honors legacy of religious freedom pioneer Roger Williams http://www.believeoutloud.com/latest/rhode-i…

You'll note that my tweet references RI marriage equality and her gawker URL is all about Bradley Manning? So naturally I did a WTF?? and went over to her twitter page where I found she had penned identical bizarro poem and gawker URL to a # of folks - she didn't cut ad paste as some of the hashtags are different.

I'm still thinking re how I want to respond here - making fun of the mentally ill but so is homophobia not to mention anyone in the public eye esp. a Christian who tweets items that would make the baby Jesus cry.

@MShocked if say Xn your anti-gay rants don't show Jesus love, bad poetry makes baby Jesus cry, spamming is not spiritual @BelieveOutLoud

This, ripped from the comments, notes that Gawker is news source that reminds user "fuckgawkershittyhole" of long-lost days of childlike wonderment and comfort.

You have a lovely weekend too.

SUBJECT: your script keeps messing up my computer

BODY: hi

fan of your work, but i'm getting a huge amount of non-responsive Stop Script messages, and I just got the latest download for Flash. I don't know if you're getting this problem with others, but I'd love to read your work w/o the problem.

on my iPhone, could you PLEASE let the RSS feed pull up earlier stories...something, as I have an older phone, and am having problems with (fkg) AT&T anyway (they donate way to o much to Tea Party repubs that they should be spending on technology, as in...service?..)

so something? thanks. have a lovely weekend.

Actually, this goes out to everyone! Everyone: have a lovely weekend!