What is the backwards and uncivilized Middle East doing now to thank us for our work "stabilizing" their region, with explosives? They are dying from a brand new virus that researchers now say is "deadlier than SARS." How long before you, too, are dead?

The popular new virus of the summer, MERS-CoV, has struck primarily in Saudi Arabia, where 32 people have died. It's also cropped up in other Middle Eastern nations, and in western Europe. It hasn't appeared here in the land of the free.................................... YET.

The Washington Post reports that epidemiologists who yesterday published findings on the new killer virus noted, "Of 23 confirmed cases in April, 15 people died — an 'extremely high' fatality rate of 65 percent."

So if you get it, you have a better than average chance of soon being dead. How do you get it? Through "personal contact," i.e. breathing. And "all reported cases have been linked to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates."

Have you been to the Middle East, or breathed the same air as a Middle Eastern person? Buddy, you're going to jail. It's for the safety of everyone. We will not allow this deadly new virus to hate our freedoms (until it inevitably kills us all in the near future).

[WaPo. Photo: AP]