Bored to death with their standard careers in the Bushwick street art guided tour industry, members of the disgustingly attractive and incompetent "Millennial" generation are now amusing themselves by starting oil companies. Are fossil fuels the new "molly?"

We fear that it may be so. Businessweek reports that Texas oil drilling—once the domain of white men over the age of 34 in cowboy hats—is now a popular pastime among millennials (white men under the age of 34 who may sometimes replace their cowboy hats with visors bearing ironic slogans). One such plucky young self-made entrepreneur: the son of Texas governor Rick Perry.

Matt Miller, 30, a former McKinsey & Co. consultant, teamed up with Griffin Perry, an ex-banker and the 30-year-old son of Texas Governor Rick Perry, to start Grey Rock Energy Partners, which buys minority stakes in wells...

Their year-old, Dallas-based firm has raised $40 million so far, Miller said in a May 1 interview. Perry will grow a mustache if they haven't made it to $200 million by August, according to the pledge scrawled on the conference room whiteboard.

Two dewy-faced young go-getters, gyrating to "Electronic Dance Music" as they raise $200 million to poke holes in the crusty Texas earth. Kids!

[Photo of today's typical energy industry executive: Flickr]