“Millennials,” a demographic group defined by a slavish devotion to “keeping it real” by purchasing the correct consumer products, are now old enough to be “out there” in the world, “doing their thing.” Instead, they are living at home.

Of course, it is not the fault of the millennial generation that they are living at home; as young people at the low end of the potential earning spectrum, they are, broadly speaking, at the mercy of vast economic forces beyond their control, many of which disadvantage them in favor of the white middle-aged men who actually control the economy.

On the other hand get the fuck out of the house and take your Taylor Swift kitsch collection with you, millennials—grow up and listen to Tom Waits (in your own apartment)!

A new Pew Center analysis shows that notwithstanding the roaring rebound from the depths of the Great Recession by middle-aged white men, millennials are now less likely to be living on their own, and more likely to be living at home, than they were during the recession. Despite a significant drop in millennial unemployment since the recession, “there has been no uptick in the number of young adults establishing their own households.”

Ehh... I blame millennials. Fuck it.


[Artist’s photographic representation of concept: Flickr]