Say you're a state bureaucrat. How do you make natural resources management sexy? With porn. Duh.

Via the Columbus Dispatch:

Maybe someone saved it to the wrong place. Maybe they were trying to store it so it wasn't on their personal computer.

Whatever the reason, it appears that a video file entitled "Sexy Babe" containing pornography ended up on the Ohio Department of Natural Resources website.

Within the department's division of oil and gas site, there is a Risk Based Data Management System that contains "comprehensive well data for over 100,000 wells permitted since 1980." There you can find a file transfer protocol or FTP site used mainly to allow companies to transfer large files such as maps to ODNR, said Eileen Corson, ODNR spokeswoman.

But no credentials were required to do so, allowing anyone in the public to transfer whatever they wanted. Enter the two porn videos that were uploaded Feb. 21 and discovered yesterday by a Dispatch reader. A number of music files and other non-official-looking files also were there.

Porn on an FTP? You don't say. "Someone was using it as cloud storage," Corson told the paper. "Unfortunately, that happens."


But no matter how hardcore "Sexy Babe" was, it probably wasn't nearly as obscene as the oil companies' "comprehensive well data."

Drill, baby, drill!


[Photo credit: jwblinn/Shutterstock]