Chris McDaniel, who narrowly lost Mississippi's GOP Senate primary to incumbent Thad Cochran last week, told a crowd Saturday that his loss was "clearly the most unethical election in the history of this state" and also "the most illegal," apparently forgetting that Mississippi also existed from 1866 to 1965.

Via Kazcynski at Buzzfeed, who flagged the above video of the event:

"Let's make it very clear today," McDaniel said at July 5 "freedom rally." "After what we saw the other night, which is clearly the most unethical election in the history of this state…and might…and might…very well be the most illegal election in the history of this state. We will let the word go forth from this time and place to friend and for alike. The people of this state will do anything to preserve the torch of liberty. We will bear any burden, fight any foe, to make sure that corruption is finally rooted out of the election process in this state."

Kaczynski follows with a brief but illuminating history of Mississippians' racist electoral ass-hattery from Reconstruction to Civil Rights. To borrow an apocryphal phrase from the Confederate general who founded the Ku Klux Klan, the history of Jim Crow in the South is at its heart a story about Mississippi getting there the firstest with the mostest.