Kaitlin Goldstein, a doctoral student at MIT who had been missing for a week, was found dead in a ravine below a trail in a remote part of India. Goldstein, 28, apparently slipped and fell while running on the trail. She had been missing since June 14 and was in the country to attend an energy and development workshop.

Her parents travelled to India to help local authorities—as well as the State Department, the FBI, and a private security firm hired by MIT—search for their missing daughter. They told MIT, which released a statement today, that she had slipped on some loose rocks, causing her to fall several hundred feet off a cliff.

Goldstein was in her fourth year of a doctorate architecture program at MIT. Just days before her body was discovered, her brother Adam told WPRI that he was terrified that his sister might have been kidnapped.

"My hope is she just wanted to get off the grid for a while and be by herself, but anything could have happened," he said.

[Image via MIT]