The Romneys are a Pinterest clan.

During the 2012 Presidential campaign, Ann made headlines after she created an account to publicly declare her love of pictures of American flag pictures and "a fun idea for fruit salad." Her daughter-in-law Mary (wife of the Romneys' youngest son, Craig) even maintained that equally pastel Pinterest symbiont, a mommy blog, for years, before abruptly locking it down once it started attracting media attention.

Thankfully for the domestic design-starved public, Mary could not resist the siren call of mommy blogs ("Sweetieeeeeeee!") forever. A week ago, she let one called Color Issue, run by a friend, post a photo tour of her house.

Mary's house is a Pinterest board of horrors.

Craig and Mary Romney have four kids (17.39 percent of Mitt and Ann Romney's total grandkids, where n = 23) though, judging from the features of the home, you could be forgiven for thinking their house was some sort of King's Fortress in a Lord of the Flies-esque lost colony populated entirely by hearty children. There are tiny hooks for tiny clothes everywhere. There's a swing in the family room much too small to be a sex swing. There's a giant slide in the entryway, and the Romney children .gif down it daily, careening around corners and landing with a thud onto a thin gray mattress.

And yet, even more than the home resembles Kidland, it stands as a bleak reminder of what happens when you pin a beautiful interior spread from Better Homes and Gardens to your ☆¨*:•.★ ` • ¸ . • ´ ` • . ¸ ¸ . • ´HOUSE IDEAS 2013` • ¸ . • ´ ` • . ¸ ¸ . • ´ ★.•:*¨☆ online inspiration board and think I could definitely do that.

You cannot do that.

There is nary a room in the house that does not bear the tell-tale bruising of a heavy Pinterest hand. Crafts are made and then just sort of... left, wherever they may be. Ideas are attempted (a wall of memories!) and then abandoned before their full design potential has been realized (a partial wall of memories!). There are many clusters of objects.

In one room, an easy to make, curiously ugly Pinterest staple, the felt ball wreath, sits on a table next to three white things, and one of them has straw in them.

Some pictures of things, and three blocks, and a stick are clustered about shoulder height, above a small teepee.

With the aid of a"Laundry 15¢" sign, a modern floral-wallpapered laundry room is transformed into an old-timey place where laundry is done. On the floor, a Moroccan-inspired trellis

In the area of the house Color Issue describes as the "man cave," a genuine New York license plate adds whimsy to the very small part of the wall where the genuine New York license plate is kept.

And on and on.

For more design inspiration inspiration, check out the full post on Color Issue.

[Images via Color Issue]