At least seven teens broke into NBA player Ray Allen's Coral Gables, Florida home last week. They would've gotten away with it, too, if the fun police hadn't reported them to the real police. According to Local 10 News, one of the moms turned all the teens in, saying, "[My] daughter's friends did something stupid." Moooooommm.

Cops didn't charge the teens, who say they walked into Allen's house through an unlocked back door. But Allen wants to press charges, which means these teens will pay for their "stupid" mistake. The kids, ages 18 and 19, apparently just wanted to check out the house and didn't know that Allen would be home. His wife, Shannon, recalls:

I was dead asleep, but I saw flashlights, and I heard voices, so I sat up in bed. They were like as if they were on a tour, pointing out stuff: "Oh, wow, look at this picture. Oh, my God, look, he's got a flat-screen TV."

In the teens defense, before they broke in they were partying next door and probably high. They told police they "allowed curiosity to cloud their judgment." Curiosity, sure.

[Image via ABC]