A Pennsylvania mother who volunteered to chaperone a local junior/senior high school dance was arrested this week for assaulting a student after becoming enraged by the abundance of rap music at the event.

Investigators who spoke with WPXI said the 43-year-old woman was chaperoning the Springdale Junior/Senior High School homecoming dance at the Springdale Fire Hall when she suddenly flew off the handle and attacked a student, reportedly over the DJ's insistence on playing rap songs.

Court documents show that the unidentified mother chased the female student who hired the DJ into the bathroom and attacked her.

Additional testimony from witnesses led Springdale Township Police to pick the woman up on simple assault charges.

In a statement to the press, the Allegheny Valley School District said it was taking the situation "very seriously," but would await the outcome of the investigation before commenting further.

"In the meantime," the statement continued, "the district continues to review practices for parent-sponsored and school-sponsored events."

[screengrab via WPXI]