One of the noblest, most versatile, and yet most underused story-telling mediums available today is the Beyoncé gif.

For the rest of the week, I'm going to be on vacation, visiting my boyfriend's family.

Here is the story of what will happen, illustrated via Beyoncé gifs.

Our flight leaves early in the morning, so when I wake up, I will be like "This is crazy!"

I'm going to take a shower.

And get dressed.

I will ask my boyfriend if he's ready.

And grab my bag.

Then, on the steps, I'll say the same thing I say every day which is "I THINK I FORGOT PHONE."

But actually I will have had it on me the whole time.

I will be chill on the plane like I always am.

And as his parents drive us back to their house, I'll look out the window and sigh "I've been to Madrid so many times, but I've never seen Madrid."

And they'll be like "...We're in Kentucky."

And I'll cover real quick like "...I know."

When we get to their house, I'll run inside and touch everything because I've never been there before.

And I'll have wine with his mom—hey Karen.

My boyfriend will drive me around town to show me things like where he went to elementary school.

And we'll visit his little brother, Solange.

We'll go to a lake.

But you can't get in the lake because it's filled with water moccasins.

I will probably lie down a lot.

And eat all their snacks.

After we leave, I will write a nice note thanking them for their hospitality.

Because that's called "manners."

Please illustrate an event of your choice via Beyoncé gifs in the comments.

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