Kyle Tasker has dedicated his four-year career in the New Hampshire statehouse to channeling Chris Farley, only with more guns, selfies and woman-beating jokes. So maybe it's no surprise he's got one-liners about the state's black caucus.

Via TPM, Tasker (R-Nottingham) commented thusly on a colleague's Facebook thread last week:

The Youtube link leads to a video for Nelly's Country Grammar.

For such a young guy, Tasker's an old hand at being a public awful dude. After vaulting in 2010 from his family well-digging business to the House, he showed off his swagger in 2012 by dropping his gun on the statehouse floor during a criminal justice and public safety committee hearing; he reportedly carries two guns much of the time.

He's also gotten attention for posting really tasteless sight-gags about battered women, saying he needs booze to be able to listen to his Democratic colleagues, and also for less-than-enlightened attitudes about minorities:

But hey, he also likes weed a lot. Go figure.

[Photo credit: Facebook]