A nine-year-old girl in Barnesville, Minn. went to police after she began speculating that the weed her parents were allegedly smoking and selling was making her and her dogs sick. The girl reportedly walked directly into a police station to reveal the details.

"She was a very brave, very smart, very articulate little girl," officer Ryan Beattie told the Star Tribune. "It was almost like interviewing an adult. She appeared to have intelligence far above a normal little girl … [and] she gave some pretty specific information about things, like types of drug paraphernalia, that no young person ought to have knowledge about."

Cops came in and raided the girl's house last week and allegedly discovered "seven marijuana plants growing under the house, drug paraphernalia and a substance that field-tested positive for meth."

The child is now staying with her grandparents.

[h/t New York Daily News/Image via AP]