This is a portrait of Robert Gilbeau, NOT Big-Boned Leonard. Image: U.S. Navy

Robert Gilbeau, a one-star admiral in the U.S. Navy, will plead guilty to his alleged role in the “Fat Leonard” scandal, which is not named after that kid who used to sit with Smelly Ryan in your middle school cafeteria every day, but a Singapore-based defense contractor who is accused of doling out bribes.

Leonard Glenn Francis, proprietor of a company called Glenn Defense Marine Asia, is known in maritime circles as Fat Leonard, “for his girth,” according to the Washington Post. To which I say, the man may have plied Navy officers with cash and sex with prostitutes in exchange for contracts with Glenn Defense, but that doesn’t mean we can’t call him something nice, like Big-boned Leonard.

As the Post notes, Gilbeau is among the only admirals to face criminal prosecution in modern history. He is accused of making a false statement to investigators during the probe, and faced scrutiny for his ties to Husky and Handsome Leonard, according to the Post’s sources.

About a dozen other people have also been brought up on federal charges related to the investigation, and It’s Actually Mostly Muscle Touch It Yourself If You Don’t Believe Me Leonard himself plead guilty to offering the bribes last year. He faces a maximum of 25 years in prison.