Irrespective of what one thinks of Bode, Cooper was one one step ahead of Gray/Rose. What makes this interview more appalling is that NBC had every chance to edit it. The producer and fat bitch should immediately be fired. Mind you, this is the Olympics, not Dr. Phil. There were 5 of us watching, everyone cringed, everyone hit Twitter. Anyone who thinks different is as big a pig as Cooper and the producer. If I were Bode I would have stuck the mic up her ass. My friends are still here and we're still scraping our jaw off the floor. Oh, and tying his incredible accomplishment to his age makes it all that more shallow.

Uncomfortable Post-Race Interview Drives Skier Bode Miller to Tears

Bode Miller won a bronze medal in the Super G today, making him both the most medaled skier in history and the oldest person to win an alpine medal at the Games. But during his post-race interview, NBC correspondent Christin Cooper asked him so many questions about his dead brother that he eventually broke down crying and walked away.

Miller's brother Chilly, a snowboarder, died in April from a seizure that may have been related to an earlier motorcycle crash.

Cooper has drawn criticism for pressing Miller on his brother well after Miller became visibly uncomfortable. Even as Miller began to cry, she asked if his performance was for Chilly. When she asks whether he had been talking to his brother when he looked up at the sky before the Super G start, he fully breaks down.


The interview was conducted earlier on Sunday, and NBC's edit Sunday night showed Miller for more than a minute after the interview ended, crying.

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