New footage from last July's Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco shows that firefighters and first responders saw Ye Meng Yuan's body before it was run over by an emergency response vehicle, disputing earlier claims that the 16-year-old had been covered with firefighting foam when she was struck.

Ye, one of three people killed in the crash, survived the initial impact only to be crushed by a firetruck while lying on the runway near the wrecked plane.

The footage, taken from a firefighter's helmet camera, shows a firefighter stopping the emergency vehicle that killed Ye.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop, stop, stop! There's a body ... there's a body right there. Right in front of you," the firefighter says in the video.

A separate video, taken from a camera aboard the emergency vehicle, shows a first responder directing the truck around a body—believed to be Ye—that was not covered in foam.

Ye's family has filed a lawsuit against the city and county of San Francisco, claiming that first responders were "grossly negligent."

The first responders "failed to move her to a safe location, failed to mark her location; failed to protect her from moving vehicles in the vicinity of the aircraft where it was known that vehicles would be traveling; failed to alert commanders at the scene; and/or abandoned Ye Meng Yuan in a perilous location," the lawsuit claims.