Governor Margaret Wood Hassan of New Hampshire has declared a state of emergency after at least 41 reported overdoses of fake pot in the Manchester area. According to a statement issued by the governor, the "Bubblegum" flavor of "Smacked!", a synthetic cannabinoid has been linked to a spate of overdoses, and poses "a serious threat to public health, especially to young people."

"Smacked!" is a dubious substance, sold over the counter at gas stations and convenience stores, usually next to suspect boner pills and Five Hour energy drinks. These packets are loosely marketed as potpourri and are sprayed with a chemically engineered substance that is similar to THC. "Smacked!" is the only brand linked to the overdoses, but tests on brands "Crazy Monkey" and "Green Giant" have come up positive for controlled substances, as well.

While it may seem ludicrous that a state of emergency was declared over some idiot kids basically smoking the stuff that lives in the glass jar in your grandmother's bathroom, the substance can be deadly. On July 11, Connor Eckhardt of California took one hit off a joint rolled with a similar substance, and fell into a coma. He passed away six days later.

[Image via AP]