Since her birth early last month, a number of questions have lingered about reigning royal baby Princess Charlotte. Is she, for instance, the same royal baby we’ve seen before or different one entirely? If different, which of the two babies is larger? And does this (supposedly) new royal baby look kinda freaked out?

Today, the royal family answered all those questions and more by releasing a photo of Prince George and Princess Charlotte reportedly taken by their mother, who, while not a baby, is also royalty and therefore notable.

The historic image represents the only recorded meeting of the two royal babies, and the first picture of Charlotte since the day she was born.

Additional photographs from the same series are set to appear in The Sunday Telegraph tomorrow, and while Charlotte seems considerably less freaked out in them, the pictures appear to confirm that she is, in fact, the smaller of the two royal babies.

UPDATE 5:15 p.m.: Kensington Palace has released additional photos of the old and new royal babies.