Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York state legislators have carved out $300 million in next year's budget for New York City's prekindergarten programs. Mayor Bill De Blasio promised an expansion of NYC's pre-k offerings loudly and frequently during campaign season and to pay for it with a tax increase on the city's highest earners; the deal in Albany does not provide for such an increase.

The Cuomo deal sets aside $340 million for prekindergarten programs statewide, with most of that money going to New York City. De Blasio's plan for the city required $340 million.

The budget is not entirely accommodating of the De Blasio agenda, however: the New York Times reports that the new legislation will require the city to find space for charter schools to operate inside public school buildings—without charging rent—or, if that is not possible, to subsidize the cost of housing them in a private space.

All of that sounds awfully expensive. Good thing we elected a mayor willing to raise taxes on rich people!