On Tuesday, the New York State Republican Party published the above Fifty Shades of Grey parody on their website, ostensibly to say something about how Bill de Blasio is a lady that Al Sharpton ties up and fucks.

"The parallels between the heroine of America's hottest movie and New York's Mayor are striking," a GOP spokesperson told The New York Observer, "both have completely ceded control over their situation to outside forces, and the results are difficult to watch," poking fun at both the critically panned movie and the weird BDSM fantasy his party thought up, illustrated, and then publicly released.

The finished product is indeed hard to look at, but who knows? Four years ago Fifty Shades of Grey was just sloppy Twilight fan fiction—with a good editor, the NY GOP's bizarre ad could be the biggest movie of 2019.

[Image via NYGOP.com//h/t DNAinfo]