Earlier today, the New York Post reported that Liam Gallagher is being sued for $3 million by a woman claiming to have had a “love child” with the former Oasis frontman. Standard enough tabloid fodder, right? But now comes a report that the woman is New York Times contributor Liza Ghorbani, who wrote about Gallagher for the paper in 2010.

The New York Daily News, citing sources close to Ghorbani, said Gallagher and Ghorbani began having an affair the night they met for an “A Night Out With...” column Ghorbani wrote about Gallagher for the Times in May 2010.

"He started an affair with her that night, they took a few months off, then started again," our insider says Ghorbani has told friends.

The affair reportedly continued on and off for three years, until January 2013 when Ghorbani gave birth to a daughter she claims is Gallagher's. When Gallagher, who has three children from prior relationships, heard about the news, he reportedly called off the relationship.

"It went on until she told him she was pregnant. He cut it off. He was so paranoid his wife would find out,” the same source told the Daily News. Gallagher has been married to actress Nicole Appleton since 2008.

So, what did Ghorbani and Gallagher do on their first “date,” as reported by Ghorbani for the Times? They went to a club in Chelsea and drank at the Ritz-Carlton. From the article:

“Not a lot of people look cool these days — like my cool,” said Mr. Gallagher, 37, who turned more than a few heads when sidling up to the bar in the Ritz-Carlton. “Everybody plays it down, don’t they?”

Ghorbani has apparently taken refuge at her parents house in Washington D.C. Reps for Gallagher didn't reply to the Daily New's request for comment.

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