Cold Hearted

This reckless cunt brings new meaning to Cold Hearted. Not having the guts to tell the man she is about to marry that she really doesn't want his seed inside her, she marry's the fool and then two handed shoves him off a cliff face to his doom. Woman... they want the world and their fucking cakes.

Original post by Jordan Sargent on Gawker

Newlywed Who Shoved Husband Off Cliff Dramatically Admits Guilt

Newlywed Who Shoved Husband Off Cliff Dramatically Admits Guilt

Today in a Montana court, Jordan Linn Graham — the 22-year-old woman who shoved her husband of a week off a cliff in July — shocked onlookers by pleading guilty to second-degree murder in a plea deal with the prosecution.

According to CNN, the mother of victim Cody Johnson "crumpled" in her seat upon Graham's announcement. Another relative reportedly began crying after repeating Graham's plea back to herself in disbelief. Graham agreed to the deal in exchange for the prosecution dropping first-degree murder charges, but she still faces life in prison.

In addressing the judge, Graham called the act "reckless," admitting that she two-hand shoved him face-first over a cliff at Glacier National Park and to his death. Earlier reports indicated that Graham was having second thoughts about her marriage at the time.


Per CNN, Graham "seemed" overwhelmed while finally coming clean but did not cry.

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