Dan Thorn, an anchor at West Virginia's 59 News, has released the white-news-anchorest possible music video for "Where They at Doe?"—not so much a T.I. track as a Bobby Shmurda remix of the time Floyd Mayweather claimed he'd given T.I. two black eyes, and the rapper showed his face on video to ask "Where they at, though?"

A news guy not quite hitting the Shmoney Dance in his chair to the beat from "Hot Nigga" would be kind of funny on its own, but it's Thorn's stoic co-anchor, Sarah Pisciuneri, who really makes the whole thing. She's just patiently fiddling with her laptop, trying to make sense of how this is her life, and finally cracking a grudging smile at the end.

Some reviewers have cast her as a dour, fun-wrecking hater because she "can't dance on camera," but she's essential as the straight man here. You keep doing you, Sarah.

[h/t Reddit]