At first, it went pretty well, as far as Internet dates with men named "Gooch" go. After meeting at Racks Restaurant and Sports Bar in Atco (sample review: "I guess its cool for Atco"), a New Jersey woman took OkCupid match Gennaro "Gooch" Aladena back to her home.

Once there, however, police say "Gooch" revealed the 15% of himself that was pure enemy, stealing the woman's jewelry and car, WABC-TV reports.

Authorities are still searching for both "Gooch" and the car, a red 2007 Toyota Solara bearing the personalized plates "JSRYGRL" [sic].

According to police, the "Gooch" is bald, approximately 5'9" and may also go by "Mike Rossman," which, lets be real, is a pretty ridiculous name.

[Image via Facebook/Waterford Township Police//h/t Gothamist]