A Dallas court is trying smooth things over after ordering a convicted rapist to volunteer 250 hours at a rape crisis center earlier this month.

20-year-old Sir Young was arrested in 2011 after he raped a 14-year-old girl in a classroom at the high school they both attended. Young copped to one count of sexual assault of a child, an offense that could carry up to 20 years.

Instead, the judge, who is "known in courthouse circles for her creative sentencing approaches," sentenced Young to 45 days in jail and 250 hours of community service to be served at the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center.


According to the Center's Executive Director, Bobbie Villareal, sentencing any defendant to perform community service at the Center is ridiculous because prospective volunteers are required to undergo criminal background checks. Anyone with a record—much less a rape conviction—is barred from volunteering there.

"We all read it [the sentence] and we're like, wait a minute," Villareal told the Dallas Observer.


When a probation officer later called the Center to set up a time for Young to come in, Villareal had to explain why that might be a problem. As a result, the judge is apparently modifying the conditions of Young's parole so that he can serve his community service hours elsewhere.

[image via AP]