For the third consecutive day, North Korea launched rockets into the sea of its east coast, as part of what the DPRK is describing as a "regular military exercise."

The South Korean Defense ministry is still analyzing exactly what the North Koreans have been testing out on the sea. Officials believe it is either shot-range missiles, or a new kind of large-caliber artillery rocket.

This brings the total number of rockets fired by North Korea in the past few days to six.

"There is a possibility that the projectiles are either short-range missiles or large-caliber rockets with a similar trajectory as short-range missiles," South Korean Defense Ministry Spokesman Kim Min-seok said on Monday. "Large-caliber means bigger destructive power, so the threat can be greater."

While officials in Washington and Seoul are not as concerned with these missile tests as they were with previous North Korean actions, like their failed launch of a satellite, or longer-range missile tests, these missile launches have marked the end of a period of relative calm in the region.