Just like we did last time, share your current jams in the comments below. I'm assuming they will be summer jams, because it is summer, but I also will not judge you if you don't live in the Northern hemisphere or otherwise don't acknowledge summer or like that word and instead refer to these as your "blockbuster season jams" or your "lotsa shark talk time of year jams."

In the comments below, name your song and its artist and embed the track. State your case for why it's your jam if you like, or let the music speak for itself. This should be easy.

Here, I'll start:

FKA Twigs "Two Weeks"

The U.K.'s FKA Twigs is fucking weird, even at her most accessible. "Two Weeks" arrived a few days ago, and it's carnal even for a baby-making jam. Twigs is ready to devour: "Feel your body closing, I can rip it open / Suck me up, I'm healing for the shit you're dealing / Smoke on your skin to get those pretty eyes rolling / My thighs are apart for when you're ready to breathe in / Suck me up, I'm healing with all the shit you're dealing / Motherfucker, get your mouth open, you know you're mine." And then, immediately after, there is softness: "I'd put you first, just close your eyes and dream about it." It's like a praying mantis interpreting Babyface's "Tender Lover."