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Anushka "Fire To Me"

I couldn't decide which track on the Brighton-based duo Anushka's recent album, Broken Circuit, so I'm sharing both. "Never Can Decide" (at the top of this post) was released as a single earlier this year and contains the best first line I've heard in ages: "I fall asleep with your heart 'round my neck." Both that and "Fire To Me" are warm house jams with uncommonly soulful vocals courtesy of Victoria Port. There's a subdued adventurousness to the music and a decidedly avant take on R&B (dig those messy harmonies). Soulful house is rarely so playful or experimental. The relative stasis of the subgenre never made much sense to me, and when something as wonderful as Broken Circuit comes along, it makes even less sense. I can't stop listening to either of these songs.