Lil' Boosie, a 31-year-old hip hop prodigy from Baton Rouge, La., is the Patron Saint of Rapper Incarcerations. But as of yesterday evening, following a five-year fanbase campaign to win his release from the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, Lil' Boosie is a free man.

Torence Hatch, aka Lil' Boosie, aka Boosie-Boo, was informed of his release just an hour before the Department of Corrections arranged his transportation to a West Feliciana Parish Sheriff's Office, where he was greeted by family and friends.

Jumping the gun by a month, veteran "Big Pimpin'" rapper Bun B had already trumpeted Boosie's imminent emancipation with a tweet.

After pleading guilty to a minor marijuana possession count in 2009, which lead to his initial detention, Lil' Boosie was charged with contracting the murder of Terry Boyd, 35, at his Baton Rouge home that same year. Boosie was acquitted in May 2012, however, after the alleged hitman, Michael Louding, recanted his initial confession in sworn testimony.

While still serving time for violation of his probation, Boosie defied most of the Louisiana prison's inmate regulations, instead dedicating his stint to keeping shit 100 percent gangster. In 2011, correctional staff caught him smuggling codeine, weed, ecstasy, and other illicit narcotics into the Louisiana State Penitentiary as well as Dixon Correctional Institute. Boosie pleaded guilty to these charges, and so the court extended his prison term to eight years.

Lil' Boosie is "an internet thing."

Throughout his prison term, Boosie's online riffraff have launched countless ALL CAPS #hashtags and floundering petitions in his honor. Southern rap fans, most of all, were distressed to see the Obama administration so eager to address the trivial jetsetting antics of Canadian pop milquetoast Justin Bieber, all while Lil' Boosie languished in a swamp yard, or maybe even solitary confinement.

Boosie's completion of several "self-help" and rehabilitation programs, however, made him eligible for immediate release this week.

Thankfully the Louisiana court system has now unleashed Lil' Boosie unto prolific hip hop stardom. Maybe. In the back seat of the prison van that paraded Boosie back home, the liberated emcee recorded a freestyle on his outdated smartphone. His verse is ... jazzy.