Photo: AP

Shortly before midnight, The White House announced that President Obama had personally spoken to both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Tuesday evening, commending the former for her presumptive nomination and the latter for “energizing millions of Americans.”

“The President congratulated Hillary Clinton for securing the delegates necessary to clinch the Democratic Nomination for President,” said The White House in a statement. “Her historic campaign inspired millions and is an extension of lifelong fight for middle-class families and children.”

Additionally, The White House said that President Obama has agreed to meet with Sanders on Thursday at his request. Sanders has previously pledged to stay in the race until Clinton is formally nominated next month.

“The President looks forward to continuing the conversation with Senator Sanders about how to build on the extraordinary work he has done” said The White House.

UPDATE 12:55 a.m.: According to Bloomberg, an aide to Harry Reid says the Senate Minority Leader will also meet with Sanders on Thursday. Last week, Reid suggested Sanders “give up,” saying, “The numbers aren’t there.”