An Oberlin professor has accused another professor of trying to murder him. In response, the alleged would-be murderer is suing his accuser for sullying his good name. Life in academia can be killer.

Oberlin professor Ali Yedes filed suit last week against another professor for defamation and emotional distress. You'd be distressed, too, if your colleague accused you of plotting murder. According to the lawsuit, another professor, Samir Amin Abdellatif, accused Yedes of making threatening comments to yet another professor, Eunjung An. Yedes reportedly said that he was bringing in a relative from Tunisia to kill An, although Yedes denies making the comments.

Abdellatif also reportedly claimed that Yedes helped forge another professor's academic credentials and got involved in an interfaith campus group to "spy on Jews." And also that Yedes tried to bribe a teaching assistant to marry him. Just run-of-the-mill academic stuff.

Yedes is asking $25,000 for "loss of opportunity, humiliation, embarrassment, damage to reputation, loss of self-esteem, physical damages and emotional and psychological distress." The Council on America-Islamic Relations, which has previously denounced Abdellatif, has asked for a thorough investigation by Oberlin. Alleged victim An is also suing the college for failing to deal with the reported harassment.

[Image via AP]