The warning signs were there, but the Internet (and Alec Baldwin) believed anyway.

Elan Gale, long a producer of fictitious reality, led a rapt Turkey Day audience on a wild ride as he, much like the Pilgrims before him, "bravely" told a stranger on a plane to eat his dick.

But after the so-called "Epic Note-Passing War" between Gale and "Diane in 7A" began to produce its own hoaxes (for instance, that Diane had cancer and Gale was a "hipster troll"), the veteran Twitter prankster decided to call his own bluff.

"So many questions unanswered about Diane," Gale tweeted last night. "In 15 minutes I will post the photo and hopefully we can resolve all this."

He soon followed that up with a photo of an empty chair captioned "Here is Diana [sic] sitting in a chair."

Couldn't even be bothered to remember the name of his own fake foe.

"I conclude by saying hopefully a few people got a few laughs over a slow Thanksgiving weekend," Gale told his followers — 170,000 of whom had just started following him in the aftermath of what was now revealed to be an elaborate hoax.

[photos via Twitter]