Fab Morvan, the member of Milli Vanilli who didn't kill himself in 1998, appeared on last night's episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now? He was drawn to Holland "on a fashion project" and now lives there. His current musical project is called Fabulous Addiction. It involves him singing (actually singing) over generic EDM (that's "electronic dance music" if you didn't know, and if you didn't know, Morvan will tell you). He makes a good case for lip-synching.

Meanwhile, Marla Maples (Donald Trump's ex-other woman/-wife) was also interviewed for the show, and she also has a musical project. Hers is smoother, more adult. "I wanted to share chillout music that had, like, a positive vibe underneath it so that people could dance and move to it, but also get some vibration lifting, so to speak," she says of her art. She also says the Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra will feature on her album.


My question to you is: If you had to drive across the United States and only could listen to one of these projects the entire time, which would you rather?

Before you answer, keep in mind that Marla Maples is working on Kids Creating Peace, a project that unites Israeli and Palestinian children, and she has a very specific regimen for retaining her youthful glow. These facts may endear her to you, swaying your vote:

I love to stand on my hands...do cartwheels. You've probably seen me in the media doing cartwheels every now and then. Keeping the energy flowing, keeping the circulation going is important. I have a trampoline in the back yard. God willing, I'm gonna always have a trampoline somewhere. (Whee!)