A police officer in Knox County was killed in the line of duty late Sunday night, WCMH-TV reports, after dispatchers received a call, late on Sunday night, from a woman who said her ex-boyfriend, Herschel Ray Jones, had left her house, with a gun, intending to kill a cop.

According to Knox County Sheriff David Shaffer, after dispatchers unsuccessfully attempted to contact the sole officer on duty in the small village of Danville, sheriff’s deputies found Officer Thomas Cottrell’s body on the ground behind a municipal building—his gun and cruiser both missing. From WCMH:

The suspect’s brother, John Jones, told NBC4 he spoke to Herschel Jones minutes before he was taken into custody. He said Herschel had taken a quantity of an anti-anxiety drug called Klonopin.

“He was out of his mind on drugs,” Jones said. “He already had done what he done. He still didn’t admit it to me though—that’s how far out of his mind he was. He completely went over the edge.”

John Jones says family members called Herschel’s parole officer last week to report that he had guns and drugs and was at risk of doing something bad. John Jones says nothing was done.

Jones says his brother had asked judges on several occasions to send him to a mental institution rather than to prison. He says those requests were denied.

Jones, 32, was taken into custody early Monday morning.

Court records show that Jones has a criminal record dating back to 2001, WBNS10-TV reports, including multiple convictions for breaking and entering, burglary, receiving stolen property, and carrying a concealed weapon.

In October, KnoxPages.com reports, his bond was set at $100,000 after he was charged with having weapons while under disability, felonious assault, and attempted rape.

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