As promised, Oprah Winfrey's sit-down interview with Matthew Sandusky, the adopted son of convicted child predator and former Penn State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, was brutally explicit. In the Oprah Prime clip above, Matthew recounts the abuse in detail, as well as his resulting shame. In response, Winfrey shared this insight regarding sexual abuse and pleasure: "When you are groomed and seduced by somebody who's really good at it, that the aim and intention of that person is to make it pleasurable so that you will be confused. So it's OK to say that it was pleasurable. And that's part of the shame that you as a little boy develop and carry as an adult because your body betrays you. Because it is pleasurable."

Matthew Sandusky's veracity was examined no less than twice. In the clip below, he discusses why he continued to visit the Sandusky family while in his teens and after the abuse took place (he wasn't officially adopted until he was 18):


In the next clip, which came toward the end of the interview, he discusses the settlement he received from Penn State, and his reaction to those who accused him of speaking out against his adopted father for the money. "How do we know that what you're saying here today is really your truth and did really happen to you?" asked Winfrey.

"For me to come here, speak with you, speak on national television," Matthew explained, "knowing that I'm going to be attacked, knowing that my wife and my children will have to pay for that...there is no reason for me to lie. I'm coming forward to help."