A Florida man living in a 55-and-over gated community had two of his cars vandalized recently — but for once, police don't think it was kids. Because the ageist graffiti on the car said it all — this was an old person's crime.

Sixty-three-year-old Bhaskar Barot discovered the chilling messages — "NO KIDS" — sprayed on both of his Toyota vehicles. Barot thinks the graffiti bandit was offended by Barot's four-year-old granddaughter, who he sometimes babysits at his house.

But vandalism isn't even the worst crime perpetuated by the senior delinquent. He or she also made a four-year-old cry.

"We told her she can not come here [anymore], and she started crying," Barot told WPTV.

Barot's gated community actually does allow kids to visit and stay overnight — but only for thirty days a year.

Police have been unable to solve the alarming crime, despite speaking with "numerous neighbors."

[image via The Smoking Gun]