Donald Trump more than doubled his net worth over the last four years, according to a 2012 SEC filing, a testament to his extraordinary mind and unique business acumen.

Trump, a self-professed honest politician, says he’s currently worth in excess of $10 billion. The new documents show what an incredible four years he’s had—since the 2012 filing, he’s added an additional $5.8 billion to his fortune.

The statement, which was filed on Trump’s behalf by Wells Fargo, shows Trump only had about $250 million liquid at the time. The specifics, via the Guardian:

A passage in the 132-page filing says: “The sponsor is Donald J Trump. Mr Trump has significant commercial real estate holdings worldwide including interests in office, retail, residential, golf-clubs and hospitality properties in markets including New York, San Francisco, Florida, Washington DC, and Scotland. As of 30 June 2011, Mr Trump reports a net worth in excess of $4.2bn and liquidity in excess of $250m.”

“Obviously, if it was inaccurate, we wouldn’t have filed it with the SEC,” a Wells Fargo spokesperson told the Guardian. But if the filing is correct, there’s only one reasonable conclusion: With returns like that, Donald Trump is perhaps the greatest businessman in the world. More importantly, what else isn’t he lying about?