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Virginia State Delegate Joe Morrissey was recently charged with four felonies related to a sexual relationship he allegedly carried on with a 17-year-old receptionist at his law office. In a live televised press conference yesterday meant to deflect the accusations, Morrissey said: "OMG, I just fucked my boss."

The Democratic lawmaker was reading a text message that was sent from his alleged victim's phone to a friend. A local CBS outlet ran the remarks live, and immediately cut to an anchor who apologized for the language.

Charges against the delegate include supervisory indecent liberties with a minor, electronic solicitation of a minor, possession of child pornography, and distribution of child pornography, NBC reports. (Prosecutors claim he solicited and received a nude photo from the teen, then shared it with a friend.) Morrissey alleges that the girl's phone was hacked, and that their relationship was strictly professional.

Morrissey is no stranger to outlandish behavior: During his tenure as a Virginia state prosecutor, he did jail time for getting into a fist fight outside a courthouse, and last year, he brandished an AK-47 on the floor of the Virginia State Capitol to make a point about gun control.

We're not here to speculate about his guilt or innocence, only to say this: If you're trying to argue that you didn't fuck your underage employee, maybe don't go on TV and read, unedited, the text that says that you did.