The highlight of Super Bowl XLIX was undoubtedly Katy Perry's (okay, Missy Elliott's) halftime show feature two dancers in dopey shark costumes, at least one of whom had learned the routine beforehand. It seems one of those sharks knew he would be famous days before the big show, and tried to parlay his role as a grinning creature of the deep into a hot Tinder date. Meet Garret!

In a since-deleted post on Reddit, someone who apparently matched with Garret on Tinder shared this screengrab of the moment he dropped the all-time great pickup line "I am the shark. You'll see."

It's not entirely clear whether he was the shark who stuck to the choreographed moves or the one who went off-book and did his own sassy thang. The odds are good that Garret was the one who didn't know the dance, though: the other shark was Scott Myrick, one of the three veteran dancers who spent years with Perry before being stolen away by Taylor Swift and then stolen back by Katy for her PRISM tour.

The chances that Myrick—a three-year veteran of Katy Perry shows—knew his shit are pretty high, which leaves Garret as the odd shark out.

It's also not clear whether being Left Shark was enough to get Garret laid. If it wasn't before his performance, it probably is now.

UPDATE: Garret was neither Right Shark—that was Myrick—nor Left Shark, who's now been identified as Bryan Gaw, another veteran Katy Perry dancer.

So, how to explain Garret? Well, one of the palm trees from the show took questions on Reddit and revealed that Katy Perry had originally booked local dancers from Mesa Community College to play the sharks, but replaced them with her own guys at the last minute.

"The worst part is the MCC dancers had been practicing it for much longer and definitely knew it better at least in my opinion," the tree wrote.

Garret, whose Facebook profile says he dances at MCC, must have dropped the now-infamous pickup line before he learned he wouldn't be in the show. His story isn't as impressive as it could have been, but maybe the line still worked?

[h/t Uproxx]