A one-year-old was shot in the head and killed Sunday night after a gunman allegedly attempted to shoot the toddler's father.

Antiq Hennis was in a stroller being pushed across the street by his parents in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn, when a single bullet struck his head just a block from the family's home. The child's father began looking for help after the shots rang out.

“He was screaming ‘My baby got shot.’ He was going crazy,” Gina Gamboa, 22, told the Daily News. “The baby was breathing, but his eyes were closed. It’s crazy. They just will start shooting."

Four shots were fired at around 7:30 P.M. Only Antiq was hit. He was pronounced dead at Brookdale University Hospital shortly before 9 P.M.

Antiq's father, the intended target, has a record of more than 20 arrests. “They shot at him and ended up shooting the baby,” the child's great-uncle, Chris Dobson said.

This follows another incident last week where a toddler was also shot in the head in Brooklyn. Luckily, that child survived.