It's a day that ends in "y," so naturally people are kicking up a real stink over an Onion video that's clearly not.

Adding a layer of amusement to the familiar leitmotif is that this particular video specially deals with people getting mad over a nonexistent NYPD policy called "stop-and-kiss."

As its name suggests, the policy "allows officers to kiss anyone who they think looks suspicious."

"Stop and kiss ? NYPD need to chill," tweeted one of the many rock-dwellers who took to social media to actually protest a parody video about a fake protest.

"i dont understand the stop and kiss program..its taking it a little too far," tweeted another concerned citizen.

"the stop and kiss police enforcement program cannot be real life," tweeted one woman who almost got it.

Others were less concerned with the policy itself as they were with its homosexual overtones.

"Fuck NYPD That "Stop & Kiss Program" Is Gay As Fuck & Out Of Line," tweeted @109OrGetNined.

On the Onion's Facebook page, many first-time visitors were equally aggrieved. "WTF!?" exclaimed one luddite. "How the hell does a kiss frickin stop any1 from going + doin a crime if they are planning to do a crime anyway!?? NYC police must all be gay if they don't mind going around giving kisses to 'suspicious' guys all the time LOL."

"This is a joke right??" pleaded another credulous soul, only to be told in response, "I highly doubt it's a joke."

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