Miranda Kerr's ex-husband Orlando Bloom has been doing press for whatever Hobbit movie is coming out this week, and in the midst of an interview with Glamour, he made this announcement: "Sculpture was my thing." I'm sorry if you didn't know this, but sculpture was Orlando Bloom's thing.

Orlando explained that if he hadn't become an actor, he'd be an artist. "I would have done something with my hands," he said. "Sculpture was my thing, and I was very passionate about documentary photography too." He did not explain when exactly sculpture was his thing, but he was clear: it was his thing.

Nobody knows why Miranda and Orlando broke up last year, but now we have a working theory: perhaps she suggested taking a pottery class to strengthen their marriage, and Orlando declined, citing the fact that sculpture was his thing, not her thing. Then what do you know, Miranda is cozying up to Justin Bieber and the rest is history.

Attention anyone who might like to marry Orlando Bloom in the future: sculpture was his thing.

[Photo via Getty]