Stodgy, hidebound members of the establishment (who wouldn't know a bold new idea if it bit them in the ass) might not like to hear this, but we're going to get right up in their face and tell them anyhow: Outback Steakhouse is back— rebelliously.

No longer will Outback Steakhouse stand idly by as the status quo is preserved. Revolutions are sweeping the Middle East, technology is changing human communications, and particle accelerators are redefining our knowledge of the very building blocks of the universe. At a time like this, there is simply no room for casual dining chain unwilling to throw off the chains of the past and declare to the world: We are changing our slogan, back to the old slogan, "No rules, just right," because everything is different now!

So why go back to a tagline that the company eschewed when it needed an overhaul? "No rules, just right," which was the first tagline the chain used when it started airing TV spots in 1990, was fundamental to the company — an operations mantra, said Mr. Kappitt. In other words, even when it ditched the line in 2007, everyone still used it internally — as did many consumers. "It represents the things that are at the top of our commitment hierarchy. Those words never left the culture, and so as we looked at new campaigns, there was a pull toward this," he said, adding that the line is also about "challenging convention."

Challenging convention: what Outback Steakhouse is all about. As well as $14.99 steak and unlimited shrimp.

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