Those of us who are "knowledge workers" in "the online media" typically spend our days surfing the internet, doing laundry, going to the gym, and watching TV. Then we write some garbage about it, and get paid. Meanwhile, marvel at what some of our own government's lazy employees have been doing:

Dozens of federal employees at an obscure agency that handles appeals of patent applications went years with so little work to do that they collected salaries — and even bonuses — while they surfed the Internet, did laundry, exercised and watched television, an investigation has found.

I, for one, am outraged at today's Washington Post report revealing that my hard-earned tax dollars—dollars earned at my job that kindly let me work from home today, so I can get some errands done, and check out CNN, and then later maybe make up some bad jokes about these things, and type them—have been used to pay middle-class salaries to lazy and entitled workers at the U.S. Patent and Trademark office who showed absolutely no respect for the hardness of my hard-earned dollars. Who do these people think they are?

The employees also worked from home. The Patent and Trademark Office set an early example for other federal agencies years ago when it encouraged employees to telework. But the inspector general found that for paralegals in the appeals office, working from home was a green light to abuse the privilege by doing laundry, washing dishes, reading books and a host of other personal activities.


Now I am going to go pick up my laundry (not a joke).

[Photo: AP. Note to self: "The Ten Weird Ppl You See at the Laundromat." Or maybe "Let's Make a Law that Laundry Is in Every Building." Joke—smthg about "spin cycle" and politics... let's "clean up" politics... think about it.]