Last summer, two 12-year-0ld girls from Waukesha, Wisconsin tried to murder their friend because they thought it would appease a mythical demon internet meme. What's almost as disturbing is what investigators later found in one of their bedrooms.

ABC News reports new evidence from the bizarre, ongoing court proceedings—diary pages from one of the alleged stabbers depicting her servitude towards the Slender Man, and photos of her occult-mutilated dolls. Kids are so complicated!

Several Barbies seem to have joined the dark worship of Slender Man:

And there are pages and pages of tween doodles about Slender Man's omnipresent terror:

There's also this packing list of supplies for the attempted killing, which is almost sort of adorable if it weren't a list of supplies for an attempted killing:

Always good to bring the will to live. The Washington Post reports that there are over 60 other images of the tall, imaginary, noodly killing demon in the girl's diaries, which her defense team hopes will spare her being tried in court as an adult.