This is the story of two popes. The first pope: a liberal pope who wanted to modernize the church. The second pope: a Communist-hater and the first non-Italian pope in over 4oo years. Today, a chill pope who is known for his chillness, made them saints.

John Paul II reigned as pontiff for 27 years, while John XXIII was the papal prince for only five years. This doesn't matter, the new chill pope says. The suggestion is that canonizing two popes, of different pope strokes, is a message from Pope Francis: Look at all we can do! Both kinds of poping are working for us!

By pairing their canonizations, Francis sought to de-emphasize their differences, many analysts said, in the service of trying to reconcile divisions within the church and finding consensus as he prepared for the meetings, known as synods, centered on the theme of family.

In his homily, Francis described John XXIII as the pope of "exquisite openness," while he called John Paul II "the pope of the family."

John XXIII, the pope of exquisite popenness. John Paul II, the paternal pope.

This is the first time in history that two popes have been canonized side by side. The ceremony, according to protocol, requires the current pope be asked three times if he's cool with this.

Cardinal Angelo Amato: Are you sure about these two popes?

Pope Francis: Yep.

Cardinal Angelo Amato: How about now?

Pope Francis: Still good.

Cardinal Angelo Amato: This is your last chance to back out. There are hundreds of thousands of people watching.

Pope Francis: Yeah, it's cool. Let's do this.

Now there are two new saints. And more than 1 billion Roman Catholics in the world to pray to them.

[Images via AP]