A manhunt is underway in Paris for a gunman who wounded one person inside the offices of a French newspaper before taking a hostage and opening fire outside of a bank.

The incident took place this morning, when the gunman entered the lobby of newspaper Liberation and shot an assistant photographer in the chest. An hour and a half later, the same gunman fired several shots at the Societe Generale, an international bank, before forcing a motorist to drive him to Champs-Elysses Avenue, where police believe he entered the subway. The driver later told police that the gunman said he was armed with grenades.

The suspect is believed to be the same man who broke into French 24-hour cable news station BFMTV on Friday, firing several rounds and telling an editor, “Next time, I will not miss you.”

With the suspect still on the loose, police officers have been stationed outside of the main offices of all media outlets in Paris. Officials have described the shooter as an overweight man, aged 40-45, with a shaved head.

"As long as this person is still on the loose and we do not know the motives, this represents a threat. We must move fast,” French Interior Minister Manuel Valls said, according to the BBC.

[Image via AP]