A driver was arrested and charged with DUI after taking a group of students on a terrifying ride to their prom. The 23 high school students first noticed something was off when Richard L. Madison, 54, was over half an hour late picking them up. Their suspicions were confirmed once Madison reportedly drove into a ditch, across several lanes of traffic, and over two medians.

"I had a feeling he was drunk when we first went into the ditch,” observant student Kelsey Dano told CBS Chicago. "He hopped over a median and cut off 3 cars and then...he took us to the wrong hotel, he took us to the Hyatt hotel instead of Abbington Place so we had 5 more miles to go," she added, to My Fox Chicago.

Several concerned students called their parents, who notified school police and school authorities. When Madison emerged from the bus – “stumbling and his eyes were really red,” according to Dano – he was immediately arrested and charged with misdemeanor charges of DUI and reckless conduct.

Madison, who definitely understands how bail works, denies any wrongdoing.

"You know, if I was guilty, I would still be in jail," said Madison, who authorities said posted bail on Saturday night. "That's my thought. I would not be at home right now.”