Like a nightmare come to life, passengers were trapped inside a smoke-filled, Queens-bound 7 train stuck in a tunnel near Grand Central for 20 minutes late last night.

From NBC New York:

The MTA says a conductor in 7 train bound for Queens heard a pop just before it went into a tunnel at around 11 p.m. Afterward, smoke began spreading through the train and the power was shut off. The train sat near the tunnel for about 20 minutes before before it reversed course and went back to Grand Central, where passengers were able to disembark.

According to the MTA, while the power was cut, the subway cars' fans immediately started pumping in fresh air. Service on the 7 line between between Times Square and Hunters Point Avenue was suspended for about 90 minutes last night until the fire department cleared the scene. Neither the MTA or police have explained what exactly happened. No injuries were reported.

The following passenger's Instagram video captures the exasperation anyone would feel:

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