When Pastor George Hunley was hospitalized with two gunshot wounds this week, the Virginia man had a simple explanation for police: some black guy he tried to help shot him. But on Friday, it was Hunley who ended up in jail thanks to his stupid, self-aggrandizing story.

According to Hunley, he pulled over to help a black man and white woman on the side of the road when the man suddenly stole his wallet and shot him. During the supposed struggle that followed, the 54-year-old pastor claimed he broke his attacker's arm.

Initially hailed as a Good Samaritan by the local news, Hunley refused to take a polygraph test and police began to question his account.

"I'm on painkillers," Hunley told WWBT at the time. "I've been in shock. I've been shot twice. I had to wrestle for my life. There is no way in this world I'm going to take a polygraph test. They are too inconclusive."

On Friday, police arrested Hunley for falsely reporting a crime, telling WRIC, "Everything right now points to us believing that there was no armed robbery, there was no bi-racial couple, that all of that didn't happen."

Hunley reportedly maintains his version of events, saying "he's not a man who lies."

[Image via Twitter//h/t Raw Story]